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When you refer a friend who’s looking for mortgage advice, you will both receive a $50 gift card of your choice!*

How it works:

  1. You provide Track Financial with your friend’s contact details.
  2. We successfully make contact with your friend.
  3. As soon as your friend makes it to the application stage you will BOTH receive a $50 gift card of your choice.*

Terms & Conditions

The ‘Refer a Friend’ program rewards our loyal customers for referring a friend or family member for finance through Track Financial Pty Ltd.

  • Anyone can refer a ‘new customer’ to Track Financial using the Refer a Friend form.
  • The ‘referring customer’ is eligible for a $50 thank you gift card for each ‘new customer’ referral that successfully completes a loan application with Track Financial.
  • A ‘new customer’ is defined as a friend or family member of the ‘referring customer’ that has placed an enquiry for finance or had finance brokered by Track Financial in the past.
  • The ‘referring customers’ must include their own details on the ‘Refer a Friend’ form for Track Financial to notify them when they are eligible to receive their referral reward.
  • The ‘referring customer’ can refer multiple ‘new customers’
  • The ‘referring customer’ must get the express permission of the ‘new customer’ to pass on the ‘new customer’s’ contact information and details to Track Financial and for Track Financial to contact them.
  • The ‘referring customer’ will be notified via email or phone when the referred successfully completes a loan application Track Financial and both customers will be provided with a choice of a $50 Bunnings, HOME and the Ultimate Thanks Gift Card.
  • A ‘Loan Application’ is defined as an application for finance, submitted to an Australian mortgage lender for either formal, or pre-approval. Loan applications will only be submitted if Track Financial is confident in their approval.

Refer a Friend FAQs

Yes you can – It’s not limited to your friends or family, you can refer friends of friends, colleagues and even strangers!

There is no expiry on this offer, however if for some reason we decide to withdraw it in the future, we will advise all our customers via email, and remove it from our website.

We will only pay the referral reward for loan applications that are successfully completed – unsuccessful applications will not result in a gift card.

No. As a valued customer, you will already know that you will be getting a great deal on your loan through Track Financial and this incentive payment won’t be available to subsequent loans in your own name.

Our aim is to make the $300 payment within 20 working days of receiving confirmation that the referred loan has settled.

If you still have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 02 8051 3215.

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