Residential mortgage finance

Purchasing a home or investment property is an important step in building wealth and long term security and, for most Australians, property will be the biggest purchase they will make.  By having an independent mortgage professional arrange your loan, you will ensure you receive the finance package that best suits your needs and assists in this wealth building process.

All lenders use different criteria in assessing eligibility for a loan and it is not uncommon for an individual’s borrowing capacity to vary by over one hundred thousand dollars between lenders. Using an experienced mortgage broker to compare hundreds of different loans from Australia’s major bank and non-bank lenders will not only find your most suitable loan but also maximize your borrowing potential. This will allow you to concentrate on searching for your dream property, confident in the knowledge that an expert is organising your finance requirements and offering advice, as required.

Track Financial is not owned by a bank, we are totally independent and this allows us to recommend a loan that best suits your needs and not the lenders. We do not charge a fee for our services and are paid a similar commission by each lender. Whether you’re:

  • Looking to ensure your current loan is the best option

  • Looking to buy your first home

  • Upgrading to a new home

  • Seeking an investment property

  • Consolidating debt

  • Land and construction

  • Renovations

  • Developments

Track Financial - Mortgage Team

Ben Schafer & Gerard Laugesen

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