Our Vision 

Track Financial develops simple, elegant financial solutions to inspire a positive change in our client’s lifestyles.

At Track Financial we believe that people should have the financial freedom to allow them to be able to enjoy life without financial strain.  We aim to do this by providing advice and guidance for all Australians on how they can maximise their financial situation and achieve their lifelong goals. 

Our Directors

Track Financial was started by father and son, Bill and Ben Schafer. While previously involved in the business, Bill has since retired from providing advice to customers in early 2018.

Prior to his retirement, Bill had been involved in property and finance for over 40 years after acquiring his first investment property in 1974.  He has bought, developed and renovated well over 100 properties personally so he knows a thing or two about property investment.  Having realised very early on that one of the major obstacles property investors faced was access to finance, he sought and achieved the necessary qualifications and experience to offer this advice.  Bill is an economist, financial planner and former top ten mortgage broker of Mortgage Choice.

This wealth of experience was then passed on to Ben, who had an interest in finance at a very early age and after finishing school he quickly obtained qualifications in both financial planning and mortgage broking.  He has now been writing loans for 12 years. 

They both have a real passion for investment and property development and are happy to share their extensive knowledge and importantly show their clients how the right finance is so critical to building your family’s wealth. 

The Track Financial Team

The Track Financial team is managed by Ben Schafer with able assistance from Dan and Gerard who have over 25 years’ combined experience in the finance industry. 

Dan has been with the group for over 15 years after completing a Bachelor of Science along with multiple IT qualifications and provides key support in the IT and process management for both mortgages and financial planning.

Gerard began his career at Capital finance and has been involved in all areas of finance processing, from systems maintenance, collection, data processing and customer liaison. He is also a fully qualified mortgage broker.